Advanced Technology

Whether you are a micro-business or a large corporation, OKI offers you the tools you require to be productive and efficient.

Digital LED Technology


Through advanced digital LED technology, ergonomic design, innovative functionality and credible energy saving features our wide range of devices brings new efficiencies to the workplace, improving document management and reducing costs.

The support we offer to our customers is designed to exceed their expectations, providing them with a local service backed by a global organisation.

OKI’s ultra-reliable, award winning digital LED technology has fewer moving parts, which means less wear and tear, for exceptional reliability. This, plus durable components and a robust, built-to-last design, allows us to provide users with the peace of mind of a 3-year warranty as standard on most models*.

Minimise Environmental Impact


OKI devices are designed to reduce an organisation’s impact on the environment, whilst also reducing their costs. LED technology is inherently energy efficient and through additional energy saving functions, such as Eco Mode, Power Save, Deep Sleep and Auto-Off modes, we have further reduced the power consumption of our printers. Duplex printing, which is standard on most models, and a range of electronic document management functions help to reduce the amount an organisation needs to print and the paper they use.